SimbasPaws Statement: has been setup for free hosting and services for those who are either avid simba fans,lion king enthusiasts and for general furry hosting

Mhisani the owner of this site has seen far too many furs/fans have their sites ruined on ad-supported services such as geocities, I think furs/fans deserve better and i'd like to give something useful to these furs/fans

Mhisani doesn't run for profit and funds it through his own pocket and users that choose to support it, I hope those of you that end up with an account or are considering one find a useful and friendly place. Services I can provide are: Webspace (,Email ( with pop3 and webmail access,php,datavases and a few other services, Not sure? Just ask!

Interested in an account? Well don't be shy you can contact me on the following messengers AIM: MhisaniFox ICQ: 56281541 Y!M: MhisaniFox MSN: Mhisani(@)

Alternatively contact the webmaster at mhisani(@) stating what services you would like and a username along with your name and anything else youd like me to know or consider. Hope to hear from you soon